• Bethany Pearson

Autumn Fungi Hunt [Derbyshire]

Well, I'm up to my knees in study for S112, so I didn't have time to edit this post before!

I went on a little adventure up Grin Low woods this October with my camera, and tried to capture some pics of fungi! I didn't get a Fly agaric (I'm obsessed) like I had hoped, but I saw some pretty lovely specimens!

My identification skills of fungi is at a beginners level; so if you can see any mistakes in my identifications, please let me know. Please also let me know if you know the names of the unidentified species!

I photographed these with a Canon 400D.

Above: unidentified; I can't seem to find any reliable guides that depict this particular fungi. There are many similar specimens, but none I can find have this 'scalloped' edge and a sticky, rust-brown flat pileus. I wish I had a shot of the gills underneath too. Found on a decaying trunk.

Above: 'stump puffball' [Lycoperdon pyriforme]

Above: unidentified. Found on an old, decaying trunk amongst moss.

Above: unidentified. A possible Daedaleopsis confragosa?

Above: unidentified. I thought at first this could be a common inkcap, but the margin does not appear to be as 'pleated' as the nightcap's upon further investigation.

Above: unidentified. Found in the hollow of an old tree in partial shade. The only fungi I found on this hunt that is growing directly out of the ground.

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