• Bethany Pearson

I survived S112 [the OU diaries].

So, I recently (as in, less than 24 hours ago) received my results for S112.

I passed! Hooray!

It was honestly a bit dicey at one point; I work a pretty high-stress full time job, and, on top of that, I found S112 pretty demanding. A topic every week, and it didn't really let up- even if that topic was particularly in-depth (or if I was particularly out of my depth).

But somehow I managed it all! I'm really quite proud of myself. I don't give up on things all that easily (mostly due to a weird, deep rooted fear of quitting and all the emotions that come with it) but I came really quite close. I think this whole year has taught me a lot, and for that I think I've really grown as a person.

I have been neglecting this blog though. I've been mostly relaxing (if you can call working a lot relaxing!) and making surprisingly big life decisions (but more on that later...if I write the post).

I'm very excited for my next module with the Open University (even if it is all online again...sigh. I love holding a good, meaty textbook). I've signed on with SFE. I had a dream about ordering notebooks on Amazon last night. I'm emotionally ready!

I'm hoping to have some exciting art prints ready in the next couple of months. I've been working on an entomological illustration series that look quite nice printed. I'll keep this blog posted.

Anyway, I'll sign off and leave you with this picture. (Can you spot it?)

Thanks for reading!

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