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Preparation for S112. [The OU Diaries.]

[Alternatively titled; why are all my photo attempts so incredibly awful?]

Setting out from home indeed...

This year I finished my first module of my Open University course, and this October (the 6th, to be precise!) I will begin my second.

My first module was U116- Which I enjoyed as it offered a broad range of subjects to learn from, which basically meant that if I did come across a topic that I found intensely boring, I likely wouldn't be studying it long (and thus, not throwing my books out the window). U116 covered everything from Geological time (Hello, Anthropocene, by the way!) to indigenous tribes in the Amazon, to China's waste problem.

S112….Looks a little bit more intimidating.

My worries for S112:

  • The Mathematics aspects of the course.

  • The fast-paced weekly topics.

  • The Chemistry Elements (pun completely intended.)

S112 will definitely be more intensive- I feel like with U116 I could've gotten away with far less than 12 hours study per week- more like 8 or 9. I'm hoping to set aside around 15 hours for S112 a week, which I'm sure won't drive me completely mad.

For now, I'm going to aim to get chapters 1-4 down from the 'Maths for Science' textbook I purchased as a study aide. I've also invested in a good planner like I did last year, so that I can track my studying accurately!

Wish me luck! I'll be back a couple weeks after the course starts for an update.

B x

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